Welcome to ARR, a no-kill foster rescue group in Cincinnati, Ohio
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ODNR rules require all pet native reptiles (species from Ohio) must have microchips and a permit.  Find more information here.
Wild box turtles are a protected species in Ohio. It is illegal to  capture, possess, buy, sell, trade, or harm a wild box turtle. 
Iguanas are the most popular reptile pets.  Due to extremely high numbers we have a waiting list.
New Ohio laws restrict or ban ownership and possession of many exotic animal species.  More information here.

Arrowhead's top 10
common mistakes and myths
There's a lot of bad and just down right wrong information out there. 

Arrowhead FAQ
Did you know?  Answers to some general and random questions about reptiles and Arrowhead. 
ARR Climate Guide
A reptile enclosure must be kept at certain temperatures and humidity ranges depending on where they are from in the world.
Care Sheets and More
Care sheets and much more information available on our education page!
ARR Nutrition Guide
Nutritional information for all types of reptiles. A proper diet is imperative for a healthy pet.
Adopt a Reptile Today!
We have all types of reptiles available for adoption.  View our currently available animals and apply to adopt here.

Cincinnati Zoo - A large Burmese python now on display, and a bearded dragon for education.

Columbus Zoo - One Savannah monitor lizard for education.

Akron Zoo - Two Bearded dragons, black rat snake, uromastyx, and a milk snake for education

Newport Aquarium - Rhinoceros iguana, various turtles and tortoises

Cincinnati Parks - Two rat snakes and a milk snake