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     Arrowhead's main goal is protecting one of our most valuable natural resources, Ohio wildlife.  Our rehabilitators have over 50 years of combined experience in wildlife rehabilitation, and we aim to treat and release every animal we can. From turtles hit by cars to the snake that became a cat toy, we take in and help any and all reptile wildlife.  Wild animals are never adopted as pets and are released whenever possible.

     If you find a turtle in the road, simply move him to the other side and never take them home. Wild animals can harbor disease and parasites and do not appreciate being captive.  If you are interested in helping Arrowhead protect our native reptiles and amphibians, please click here for more details on what you can do to help.

    If you would like to support Arrowhead's rehabilitation and release programs for injured native reptiles and amphibians, please make a tax deductible donation here.

With new and ever changing laws concerning reptiles and pets in general, the following links will take you to information from state and federal agencies concerning both exotic and native pets.  There may be local ordinances in your area that this does not cover.   Check for laws at the county and municipal level you live in.   Federal and state law might not address a certain species of pet, but your county or city may very well have a ban or restrictions.   


Overturned by appeals court


Bans the possession and sale of crocodilians, restricts the sale and possession of giant constrictors and venomous snakes.


Regulates the possession, purchase, sale, trapping, harvest, capture, and trade of reptiles and amphibians native to Ohio.