Why an educational program with Arrowhead?  Simple.  We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and the proceeds go towards animal conservation and rehabilitation.  Other "companies" simply use animals for personal entertainment and profit to line their own pockets.  Enjoy your presentation knowing you are helping animals in need at the same time.   Book with Arrowhead Reptile Rescue and your donation is tax deductible. 

We give educational presentations to schools, youth groups, and any other person or organization. Educational presentations are limited to personal time availability.  We will make EVERY EFFORT to fill your request for an educational presentation.

Our presentations take an average of 45 minutes, but we will customize our show to meet your time availability and current teaching curriculum or area of study. 

We will bring up to a dozen live animals with us, some of which may be large boas and/or pythons, monitors, dragons, dwarf caiman, iguanas, and/or turtles depending on availability. We maintain positive control and restraint with the animals at all times, and we take all safety measures necessary.  We will also bring shells, artifacts, and other reptile bones and hides.

Book now to reserve your spot for this school season.  

If you would like to schedule an educational presentation, please contact our education coordinator
Arrowhead Reptile Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit #90-0942484.
Proof of $2 million liability insurance coverage available upon request. 


We have many classroom appropriate pet reptiles available for adoption.  We may even have free caging and equipment we can provide with the animal.  Contact us for availability with your request.

Some of our many satisfied customers:

Cincinnati Public Schools
Lakota School District
Madeira School District
Clermont County Library
Kenton County, KY Parks

Loveland School District
St. Aloysius Orphanage
Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts of America
Clovernook School for the Blind
KinderCare Learning Centers
Indianapolis Public Schools
Cincinnati Museum Center
Norwood School District
Boonshoft Museum of Discovery
Clermont County Parks
Radical Reptiles w/ Jeff Corwin
Junior League of Dayton

Due to the stress involved in transporting animals, our reptile presentations must be limited to the Greater Cincinnati and Greater Dayton areas.
Education Permit
#15-72 ODNR

Federal permit
#M75156A-1 USFWS

We will provide professional training for law enforcement, humane societies, animal contol officers, wildlife officials, and many other organizations.  Arrowhead can tailor classes, lectures, and hands-on programs to meet your educational requirements.  Want to know how to safely trap and catch a loose reptile?  Ever wondered what state and federal laws affect reptiles?  Would you like your volunteers, staff, or officers to be prepared to deal with a reptile when necessary?  From reptile handling skills to identification, we can prepare and educate you how to properly deal with our cold-blooded friends.  How can we help improve your operations and expand your knowledge?  Contact us to inquire about booking a training session.

Arrowhead Reptile Rescue's mission is to help unwanted, sick, or injured reptiles and amphibians through wildlife rehabilitation, pet rescue, education, and emergency disaster response. We rehabilitate wildlife for release back to the wild, and we also assist captive reptiles who are in need of new homes.  Spreading knowledge of these wonderful creatures are the best ways to prevent wildlife from being injured and to ensure people have the right knowledge to care for them as pets.

Our education page is geared to give the public the right information to properly care for and maintain their pet reptiles in a way that's best for both animal and owner alike.  We also want potential owners to have the information they need to make an educated choice on what type of reptile is right for them.

Not having the right information can lead to unhappy, unhealthy pets as well as frustrated or possibly injured owners. A lot of reptiles can make great, rewarding pets.  Others can be dangerous in inexperienced hands.

Our education page has a number of care sheets and articles to help you decide if a reptile is the proper pet for you and if so, what kind would suit you the best.

If you have further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us!

The following articles are to assist captive reptile owners with some common questions and problems. 

Arrowhead's top 10 common mistakes and myths
There's a lot of bad and just down right wrong information out there. 
Arrowhead FAQ
Did you know?  Answers to some general and random questions about reptiles and Arrowhead. 
ARR Nutrition Guide
Nutritional information for all types of reptiles. Whether herbivore, omnivore, insectivore, or carnivore, a proper diet is imperative for a healthy pet.
ARR Climate Guide
A reptile enclosure must be kept at certain temperatures and humidity ranges depending on where they are from in the world.
Wildlife Rehab Resources
Resources and reference material to assist  wildlife rehabilitators, veterinarians, and veterinary technicians with reptiles. 
Is an Iguana right for you?
Green Iguana (Iguana Iguana) are not for everyone. Melissa Kaplan's site contains a wealth of good care information and can help decide if an iguana is for you.
Courtesy www.anapsid.org
Reptile Mites
Very small, but that doesn't negate the fact they are quite a nuisance and hard to kill.
Courtesy www.anapsid.org
Before you buy a water turtle.
Tiny, and awfully cute. But bear in mind they get much bigger, take up a lot of space, and are EXPENSIVE!
Courtesy www.anapsid.org
Shedding problems
Shedding problems can be minor or very serious. Read these tips and tricks.
Courtesy www.anapsid.org
Laws and regulations
Links to state and federal regulations regarding reptile ownership in Ohio.  Also contains links to information about native wildlife in Ohio.  

Links to care articles for some common reptile species. No need to re-invent the wheel, these experts have already provided this information.  We suggest extensive research into any species of reptile you consider keeping as a pet. There are some reptiles that are very easy to take care of, while others should only be kept by experienced individuals. Please take the time to understand what type of reptile is right for you and make sure you can provide the proper diet and care for the animal!   By linking to these pages, Arrowhead Reptile Rescue is no way supporting or confirming accuracy of the information provided by third-party sources.   


Burmese Python
written by Bob Clark

Ball Python
written by Kevin McCurley

Boa constrictor
written by Melissa Kaplan

Corn Snake
written by Kathy Love

King snake
written by Robert Applegate

Milk snake
written by WNY Herp


Green Iguana
written by Melissa Kaplan

Bearded Dragon
written by Russ Case

Giant Day gecko
written by Jonathon D. Klarsfeld, DVM
Leopard Gecko
written by Ron Tremper

written by Lindsay Pike

Crested gecko
written by Philippe de Vosjoli and Allen Repashy


Asian box turtle
written by Al Roach

Red eared & pond sliders
written by Darrell Senneke
Ornate box turtle
written by Ian Jessup

Helmeted turtle
written by Pelomedusa 



Sulcuta Tortoise
written by Tyler Stewart

Leopard Tortoise
written by Jerry D. Fife
Russian Tortoise
written by Tyler Stewart

Star Tortoise
written by Jerry D. Fife


Pac Man frog
written by Joshua Ward

Fire belly toad
written by WNY Herp
African clawed frog
written by WNY Herp

White's tree frog
written by WNY Herp


World Chelonian Trust
Western NY Herp Society

Better than Cool Critters Outreach!