Arrowhead Reptile Rescue was started in 1991 and is a network of rehabilitators and foster homes located in the Greater Cincinnati area. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue of displaced reptiles and to herpetological education. Arrowhead is supported solely through donations and private contributions, and we are run by a small staff of volunteers. We are fully licensed and approved by ODNR and the USFWS for education and reptile rehabilitation.    ODNR Wildlife rehab permit #50910R
ODNR Wildlife
education permit #15-72

  IRS 501(c)3  #90-0942484

     Our mission is to help unwanted, sick, or injured reptiles. Any species of reptile or amphibian is a candidate for help at Arrowhead. We focus our efforts on wildlife rehabilitation, but we also assist captive pet reptiles. Arrowhead has helped over 5000 reptiles to date. We have returned hundreds of native reptiles back to the wild after rehabilitation.

     Our second, yet equal objective is to provide accurate information about reptiles to the general public. We regularly give educational shows to elementary and grade schools, youth organizations, and any other person or organization who requests such a presentation for the sole purpose of education.  We also will provide professional training for law enforcement, humane societies, animal control, and wildlife officials.

     We work in cooperation with zoos, aquariums, museums, park districts, nature centers, law enforcement agencies, animal shelters and humane societies from all over the US.  Arrowhead volunteers also serve as members of a number of national and state Disaster Animal Response Teams.  In the event of a natural disaster or emergency situation, we will shelter and/or provide care for stranded or displaced reptiles.

      One of our most frequent activities is wildlife rehabilitation. Injured or sick wild-caught animals are released back into the wild after rehabilitation (if appropriate). Animals that are not releasable into the wild or require long term care usually become permanently established in a rehabilitation or education program with an authorized organization.

     We also help arrange for the placement of captive pet reptiles into suitable homes. We make every effort to ensure that the new home and reptile pet will be compatible. We have numerous foster homes that can take in a limited number of unwanted pets, and we help coordinate direct transfers from owner to owner when we cannot take in an animal ourselves.

      We pride ourselves in offering the animals in our care the very best habitats and diets possible. All cages are secure and fully automated. Cage environments are duplicated to the fullest extent that we can achieve. Food items are always fresh, feeding is constantly supervised, and vitamin and mineral supplements are used accordingly. Wild reptiles are never housed with captive animals, and we follow all recommended quarantine protocols.

     Veterinary and medical treatments are given when necessary. Our rescue veterinarian, Dr. R.D. Dahlhausen, specializes in reptiles and exotics, and we have in-house veterinary technicians. We provide on-site intensive care, including IV's and tube-feeding. We have a firm No-Kill policy... we DO NOT euthanize any animal, except when recommended by veterinarians due to an incurable or untreatable medical condition and the animal will not have any quality of life.

  SAFETY is our main concern!
We take every possible measure to maintain safety. Our enclosures are designed to be escape-proof and locked. Only appropriate equipment is used when transporting animals. During educational presentations we maintain control of the animals at all times.

Our volunteers are provided training and experience.  Besides qualified veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and wildlife rehabilitators, we also have EMTs, police officers, zoo staff and many other professionals volunteering for ARR.

      YOUR DONATIONS ARE TAX-DEDUCTIBLE.  We are an Ohio charitable 501(c)3 non-profit organization made up of all volunteers. Our funding comes mostly out of pocket or by donations. All donations and adoption fees go to provide food, cages, housing, husbandry equipment, and medical care.  

     The majority of our activities, in general, take place in the southwest Ohio area. If you live outside of Ohio, Kentucky, or southeastern Indiana, we will accept donated animals but the owner must arrange transportation and/or pay for shipping. The owner is also responsible for obtaining health certificates or permits as required.  Be aware there are state and federal laws that may apply to transporting reptiles across state lines.

Visits are granted for business reasons by appointment only.

     Our web site is designed to provide all the information necessary to answer any questions you might have. However, if you need more information on our rescue and cannot find it here on our web site, just email us